The Process

  1. Self-assessment and self-determination of which SDG’s for Spa & Wellness which the applicant is requesting endorsement.  For endorsement under any SDG Goal, ALL sub-goals as specified in the SDG’s for Spa & Wellness much be adhered to, or be in process of implementation within three months of application.  Failure to implement within three months of application shall result in automatic cancellation of any endorsement. 
  2. Submit supporting documentation including proof of payment of the endorsement application fee* to /  No hard copies will be accepted.

* application fee shall be USD50 per year or equivalent in local currency, but may be waved for up to two years by the Endorsement Committee.  The fee is non-refundable and is the only payment due and payable to secure endorsement.  FREE for APSWC Member   

  • Review of application by Endorsement Committee. 
    • If application is incomplete or deemed inaccurate, additional supporting materials may be required before endorsement is granted
    • If application is deemed to not be in compliance of the endorsement process the application shall be rejected.
  • All applicants agree to participation in the on-site audit program conducted by the Endorsement Committee. 
    • Up to three site visits may be conducted without notice by a maximum of two persons during the application or annual endorsement period. In the event corrective action is required due to non-compliance additional site visits may be scheduled as mutually agreed within 14 days of notice of non-compliance.  
    • The operator has the right to reject an audit if timing interferes with daily operations of the business.  Two rejections shall automatically terminate the application. 
    • The applicant agrees to provide proof upon request of the compliance with the SDG goals claimed.
  • PR & Marketing for Endorsed Operators.  All operators;
    • shall be provided with a digital endorsement logo for use on any marketing materials produced by or on behalf of the operator.  The operator is not permitted to alter the dimensions or pantones of the logo, and shall agrees to provide a digital copy or image of all such marketing materials where the logo is used if requested by the Endorsement Committee.   
    • shall be invited to participate in physical or virtual sales and marketing opportunities*.   

* a fee may be payable but this will be clearly documented prior to confirmation of participation.  

  • shall be recognized at the APSWC Round Table in March each year, or such other time or event as deemed appropriate by the APSWC. 
    • shall upon initial endorsement be included in an international media release and on APSWC social media.  Subject to the number of endorsees they may be included in subsequent releases.
    • shall be listed with their goal endorsements on the APSWC website.
    • shall be entitled to display the approved endorsement signage for period of 12 months from date or endorsement, and agrees to immediately remove any artwork or signage associated with endorsement upon notice of non-compliance by the Endorsement Committee or upon cessation of the endorsement period.
  • Endorsement is valid for a period of 12 months from date of confirmation.
  • Upon completion of the initial 12 months, an endorsement extension may be offered under the same terms and conditions herein.  A self-assessment form must be completed and returned together with any application fee*.   Should the Endorsement Committee request verification documentation this must also be submitted before any extension is finalized.  Any extension that is undertaking more than 30 days after completion of an endorsement period shall be considered a new application for endorsement.
  • Termination by the Operator.   The business operator has the right to terminate without reason any endorsement during the valid endorsement period and all parties commit to removing within seven days any records of such endorsement (digital or otherwise).
  • The Endorsement Committee consists of selected qualified industry professionals in good-standing whom have been identified as fulfilling the professional, ethical and independent standards as jointly defined by AFMA & APSWC.  Such persons shall have successfully completed the approved Endorsement Committee training course or refresher training courses as determined appropriate by AFMA.  Every Endorsement Committee member must be able to present proof of authorization attaining to their qualifications as a committee member.  The Endorsement Committee member is automatically disqualified if they:
    • fail to present proof of authorization upon request,
    • declare a conflict-of-interest between the operator and a committee member