The Power of Therapy – Preparing for Tomorrow

The social media platform of LinkedIn published an article in November 2018, suggesting that by 2030 some 85% of the jobs that students of today will be performing haven’t even been invented yet.  Drone Traffic Optimiser, Self-Driving Car Mechanic, Digital Currency Advisor and, Rewilder – just some of the anticipated 2030 job titles.  Not a Therapist in sight!

2030 is not that far off and a global pandemic has thrown a major curveball into the mix.   Who would have thought that there would be so many gig economy workers today?   Already food delivery drivers probably outnumber restaurant food servers, rideshare drivers outnumber taxi and limousine drivers and so it goes on.

Gig Economy Workers

It is interesting to note that some already put Massage Therapists into the Gig Economy worker list.  The Gig Economy supporters suggest this gives workers a greater taste of entrepreneurship and the freedom of self-employment.  Detractors speak of exploitation and lack of employment security.  It is assumed that the spa and wellness industry sees its workforce as far beyond being or offering short-term, freelance, or one-time jobs. Instead, we purportedly see a level of professionalism that solidifies the industry as a preventive health care service provider and not just an industry of ‘body rubbers’.

By 2050  the work fork force is predicted to include such careers as Space Pilot, Extinct Species Revivalist, AI Specialists, Aged Care Companion, Digital Rehabilitation Manager, and the like.

In order that we remain current as an industry and as a skilled (and in-demand) workforce we have to evolve ourselves also.   The spa industry is slowly evolving from luxury pampering to something that is more focused on preventive health care.  Regrettably, we have done little to prepare our workers for this evolution.

Training is Key

Our Therapists will be key to how successfully we evolve with training courses and upskilling opportunities such as the Power of Therapy, will be essential.  Master Trainer, Steve Andrews is a successful Day Spa owner therapist based in St. George, Barbados with over 25 years of practical hands-on therapy experience.

Therapists need more than just technical skills.  The most successful Therapists also understand the power of therapy.   As Steve says “As wellness professionals, we should be teaching about the power of therapy. We have one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime to build our profession, our business, and our community, but we need to arm ourselves with the tools to maximize the opportunities”.

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