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Since its launch, the Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) has grown in size and reputation and by 2011 united some 16 associations across 14 countries, with a network extending around the globe.  It is a regional body which links the national spa associations of the Asia-Pacific nations. The Coalition (formerly Council) was formed to meet the challenges presented by the evolution and growth of the Asian Pacific spa industry.

Our Mission

APSWC was officially registered as an association in Singapore in July 2007, with the mission: to act as a bridging mechanism between countries to promote, protect, educate, and develop the spa & wellness industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Promote

    To be a strong united voice that provides a consistent message to those who are able to influence, promote or are responsible for the governance of the spa & wellness industry across the region, and use this voice continually to educate consumers, regulators and the industry to create a positive force for change.

  • Protect

    To support industry associations across the region, helping them to identify and resolve local market issues and develop the spa and wellness industry across all levels, and ensuring fair treatment of staff and respect is given to traditional practices.

  • Educate

    To improve the professionalism of the industry by identifying and recommending best practice, appropriate standards and codes of ethics to be adopted across the region.

  • Develop

    To foster growth and development of the industry through collaboration within borders and across the region through collaboration and the collective sharing of information and resources.

Asia Spa and Wellness Coalition

Supporting Association – World Spa & Wellness Asia Convention

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