Why join the APSWC?


The Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) was formed in March ’06 – the outcome of an informal roundtable meeting held in Singapore in February ‘06. The roundtable was initiated by the heads of spa associations with a view to bring the region together by identifying common problems and opportunities, and find ways to improve the business for all.  The Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) was officially registered as an association in Singapore in July 2007, as a regional body which links the national spa associations across Asia-Pacific. The Coalition (formerly Council) was formed to meet the challenges presented by the evolution and growth of the Asia-Pacific spa industry, in addition to gathering and communicating market information and resources.


To act as a bridge between countries to promote, protect, educate, and develop the spa & wellness industry in the Asia-Pacific region by:

  1. Foster growth and development of the industry through collaboration and collective information and resource sharing across the region.
  2. Support industry associations by helping them to resolve local issues and develop the spa and wellness industry from the grass roots level.
  3. Improve the professionalism of the industry by identifying and recommending best practices, appropriate standards and codes of ethics to embrace throughout the region.
  4. Be a strong united voice that provides a consistent message to educate consumers, media, regulators and the industry by creating a positive force for transformation and change.


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in spa and wellness, but will be of particular benefit to:

  • Spa owners, operators and managers
  • Health, wellness and natural therapy professionals
  • Spa product and equipment suppliers, Spa consultants, architects and designers
  • Spa, health and beauty training schools
  • Hoteliers and those in the hospitality industry
  • Travel agents, tour operators and others in the travel industry
  • Health and lifestyle media


Be a part of Asia-Pacific’s most active network of spa and wellness professionals and providers:

  • Opportunity to participate in the APSWC Annual Study Group where you can network, learn and experience the host country’s current spa methods and rich traditional healing culture.
  • Website providing you with information on the latest local and international spa trends, industry news, calendar of events and articles of interest
  • Social Media providing you with a membership network and recruitment posting opportunities.
  • Discounts on professional training courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Networking opportunities with spa professionals from all over Asia-Pacific and beyond.
  • Invitation to exclusive members-only Annual Round Table event.
  • APSWC membership certificate.

We also welcome the suggestions of our members, as one of our primary aims is to listen to our members and meet their needs.


Membership is open to anyone – individuals/consumers, schools, companies, associations, media, government agencies, NGOs etc. may sign up as a member.  Each membership entitles one (1) member to one (1) vote.


Joining Fee – USD50

Annual Fee – USD100

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