The Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Singapore and today represents over 700 spa and wellness business operators from across the Asia Pacific, and as far afield as Europe. The APSWC is run by industry leaders, and we invite you to submit co-promotions of interest for our webpage. Please include relevant images as our editorial team believes you are better placed to submit a more appropriate image to support your submission. Just select the co-promotion partner from the drop-down menu following and ensure you complete all details to maximise the business potential of the offer. This is an on-going educational / informational / marketing opportunity for our members and the broader industry.

Note: Submissions in English please, however we will accept submissions in other languages if you are able to assist with any necessary editing. Non-English submissions must include a short paragraph in English to summarize the content. The APSWC reserves the right to reject any item that breaches copyright, does not specify who the author is, or is deemed not appropriate.







APSWC members provide special offers to FTI members via FTI e-Member Card