Open to any individual working full-time in the Asia-Pacific spa and wellness industry. The Award will be awarded to an individual who has made significant positive contributions to the industry over many years. Awards will be made at the judges’ discretion, and may not be issued every year. Candidates may be nominated by a third party (e.g. client, colleague, boss), however self-nominations are not accepted.

John Stewart

Kamalaya Founders

John Stewart is the Founder and Chairman of Kamalaya Koh Samui. He is a devoted spiritual acolyte, public speaker and inspirational visionary and leader in the global wellness industry. He lived in the Himalayas for 16 years under the tutelage of an exceptional Himalayan master embracing a traditional yogic monastic lifestyle while building a renowned ashram. He embraced community service, constructing rural schools, medical clinics, and a remote hospital in Kathmandu.

John Stewart was a pioneer in holistic wellness that to this day brings unparalleled results-oriented and purpose-driven wellness programs to its guests from all walks of life..

John continues to spread his vision at industry events including Global Wellness Summit, 2018; International Ayurveda Yoga Conference, 2020; Global Wellness Day, 2022 and the World Spa & Wellness Conference 2022.

Mandy Tan

Backed by over 30 years of experience in the industry, including experience working in HK. Mandy was destined to be an expert & role model. Trained in Monica, a reputable beauty company in HK. Mandy started off as a beautician & climbed her way up the corporate ladder. In 2000, she was crowned the winner of Mrs World Malaysia & clinched the Best Costume Award in LA. She is highly passionate & practices high level of integrity & compassion. Like many beauty entrepreneurs, Mandy believes the servicing industry is a person-business, but more than belief is managing it soundly. She is the positive force behind the Body Perfect Team entourage. She is highly passionate & dedicated when it comes to beauty & wellness. She is kind, loving, generous, humble despite her achievements. She emphasizes a lot on good business ethics & integrity. She walks the talk. A certified NLP coach – she continuously conducts trainings & creates / innovates treatments to benefit women holistically. She has initiated & led the breast cancer awareness movement in Malaysia, is committed to nurture the youth force,, provides youth work scholarships, empowers women, and recruits & provides opportunity to women from all walks of life. Mandy continues to push the Body Perfect Team to help ladies achieve their beauty & wellness goals.

Andrew Jacka

Is there anyone, anywhere in the world, that has done as much for the industry as Andrew? He has worked with various non-profits tirelessly and selflessly for 20+ years. He has been the voice of the industry to governments and NGOs, and always goes the extra mile to find opportuniry. Just ask anyone who has had anything to do with the Thai Spa Association (TSPA( or Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coaltion (A)SWC) since 2000! He is Asia Pacific Representative, TERMATALIA (Spain); Organising Committee Member, World Spa & Wellness Asia, (Thailand), Advisor, Asia Pacific Institute of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism, (China) and Ambassador Emeritus Global Wellness Day (Turkey) as well as holding down a full time job!

Dorothea Justin Moduying

Dorothea was involved in a series of collaboration calls to bring industry leaders in the spa and wellness industry in Malaysia together in meaningful dialogue to share ideas and best practices for navigating the COVID-19 crisis during the pandemic. Dorothea organized via a network of teams, displaying deliberate calm and bounded optimism, making decisions amid uncertainty, demonstrating empathy, and communicating effectively to fight for the industry reopening and negative profiling of the industry as entertainment, non-essential and negative list, financial aid & initiatives and mass immunization. Working on strengthening the image and good name of the spa and wellness industry by campaigning members/non-members to be rated under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and to register their Spa and Wellness Centre under the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Human Resource to elevate the local spa industry to meet international standards in certifying their therapists.

Julie Garrow

Julie founded a very unique business with the primary purpose of providing affordable publications to help the spa, wellness, beauty and hotel industries improve their performance and profitability. Since 2001, she has published over 100 publications including ‘self-funded’ Spa Industry Research, Spa and Wellness Operations, Management, Treatments and Training Manuals, Spa Consultant Manual and Toolkits, Mentoring and Custom Research Projects. Publications have always been electronic with immediate download, many of which include editable files so customers can personalise them.

She also authored a chapter entitled “Spa Industry Benchmarking” in the text book ‘Understanding the Global Spa Industry’.

Julie achieved “”Distinguished Industry Leader”” in The Crystal Awards Asia Pacific, which was nominated by industry peers to acknowledge and reward an individual who has made a positive contribution to the spa industry.

Julie has also volunteered as Treasurer of the APSWC.