Open to operators of multi-site operations, including franchise brands and third-party companies that manage the business on behalf of owners. The operations may be of any type (e.g. Day Spa, Hotel/Resort Spa, Wellness Resort, etc.) and would typically have a centralised head office and/or regional headquarters. The Award will be judged according to how well the company manages business performance relative to its category.

Sen Spa @ The Amrecian Club, Singapore

We are actively participating in various beauty contests in Japan to educate our staff and raise the level of our services. The company pays the full cost of each study session that they participate in to improve their skills and techniques. We have a follow-up system in place to proactively have our employees acquire qualifications in the beauty industry to improve their individual skills. The company also pays for the cost of such certifications.
Every year, the company presents a gift to each employee on their birthday as a celebration. In addition, the company holds a bimonthly dinner party for employees and the employee’s family is also invited along and given a trip as a gift twice a year to promote communication with them.
The company provides bonuses based on performance twice a year and opportunities for salary increases and promotions every six months. We also offer a 40% employee discount on all products handled in the salon, making it easy to purchase them. The company has had a ZERO staff turnover rate over the past 12 months with the average tenure of our therapists beng five years.