APSWC Round Table March 21 & 22




20 – 22 nd March, 2024
The Salil Hotel Riverside, Bangkok

Are you ready to face up to the realities of doing business in a world where wellness is one of the most over marketed words used. The Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition encourages the spa wellness community to take ownership and have a voice in our industry’s future. This by-invitation event attracts key decision makers to discuss the challenges we face and brainstorm solutions.

An unparalleled event that puts you in the driving seat of our industry’s future.

Wednesday 20 March Welcome Cocktail
Thursday 21 March Round Table Day 1 / APSWC Awards Dinner
Friday 22 March Round Table Day 2

PRICE: USD395 (until 14-Feb) / USD450 (from 15-Feb)

  • Inclusive of the APSWC Mingle, Round Table & Awards Dinner.
  • Accommodation is not included in the delegate price


Due to APSWC’s commitment to the hotel, please note that cancellations are not accepted after 1st February 2024. No refunds can be given on cancellations notified after this time.

Accommodation is not included in the registration fee, and it is the responsibility of each attendee to arrange his/her own accommodation. The Salil Hotel Riverside, Bangkok is offering special delegates rates from 18-25 March 2024. Please click HERE to book.

Mingle / Round Table: Neat Casual
APSWC Awards Dinner: National Costume

APSWC Round Table Schedule:

APSWC Annual General Meeting (AGM): For APSWC Members ONLY
DATE: Wednesday 20 March
TIME: 15.00 (registration starts from 14.30)

For delegates arriving early, this is an informal precursor to the APSWC Round Table and an opportunity to catch up with colleagues, or even open potential doors of business.

Delegates – included;
Guests: USD90 per pax (payable at the

Registration opens 17.30,
Cocktails from 18.00 – 20.00
Venue: Chef’s Table, The Salil Hotel Riverside, Bangkok

APSWC Round Table 2024

Venue: The Ballroom, The Salil Hotel Riverside

07.00 Local style morning exercise (optional)
08.30 Registration
09.00 Welcome & Opening Presentation


09.15 Briefing: Subject 1 – Artificial Intelligence
Does the use of AI align with our human values or is it an easy cop-out? With governments and the tech industry grappling with the role that AI has to play, what value can it potentially bring to the spa and wellness industry y? Are there pitfalls?

Presenters: Bhupal Rawal, Director, View9 Pvt. Ltd. Nepal
Vicky Shrestha, Director, View9 Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
Facilitator: Faheem Ebrahim, Managing Director, Xin Performance, Hong Kong

10.45 Energy Break
11.05 Table by Table Review
12.30 Lunch & Fellowship


14.00 Briefing: Subject 2 – Off the Grid
We have long talked about ecological and environmental concerns, but when many of our products are over-packaged or still packed in plastic is it viable to move to Off Grid operations with ‘free’ energy from solar panels and ‘free’ water from atmospheric water generators?

Name to be advised, Beyond Water, UK
Facilitator: Chigwang (Tomomitsu) Ko, Pacific Hospitality Group Inc., Japan

15.30 Energy Break
15.50 Table by Table Review
17.20 Sponsor Presentation
17.30 Auction Action

19.00 APSWC DINNER: A celebratory evening featuring the APSWC Awards 2024. Admission by TICKET only.
Price: Delegates – included,
Guests: USD160 per pax (must be prepaid).
Please state when booking if you have any dietary requirements.
Dress Code: National Costume

MORNING ACTIVITY: 07.00 Ruisee Daton morning exercise (optional)


09.00 Refocus

09.15 Briefing: Session 3 – Is An Aging Workforce Sustainable In a pre-pandemic world the spa and wellness industry; had access to a broad range of therapists from the young and inexperienced to the older more skilled team members. Today we find many of the younger persons have left and moved to other industries that are seen as “more stable”. International employers continue to seek younger candidates, but they are few and far between. What can we as an industry do to grow the youth in our industry or are we doomed to be reliant on an ever-aging workforce?

Panelists: Ampai Sheehan, Siam Spa Health and Beauty, Chiang Mai,
Alexandra Sutupo, Jamu Traditions, Indonesia
Facilitator: Alyssa Lim, Inner Peace Spa Consultancy and Academy, Malaysia

10.45 Energy Break
11.05 Table by Table Review


14.00 Briefing: Session 4 – My Life of Addictions

Hours on the phone (digital addiction?), peer pressure (smoking, vaping addiction?), lifestyle issues of anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, depression (CBD oil addiction?), highly processed and fast foods (sugar, salt addiction?). Our panel will explore what role, if any, that we can play as the industry slowly moves from its focus on relaxation to wellbeing.

Presenter: David Boehm here Chairman of Miskawaan Health Group Thailand
Facilitator: Andrew Jacka, Bliss Now Pte Ltd., Singapore

15.30 Energy Break
15.50 Table by Table Review
17.20 Auction Action
17.50 White Paper – A Summary
18.00 APSWC Round Table 2024
18.10 Close

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