Hall of Wellness Awards 2020 – The Winners

The Hall of Wellness Awards announced 10-Dec-20 in a virtual gala, are a bright spot in what has otherwise been a bleak year for the spa and wellness industry. As governments around the world over-looked industry standards and recommended protocols, the industry has for the most part been on hiatus. The pandemic has thrust new heightened protocols onto the industry but the fundamental standards including mask-wearing a solid base from which to build.

So many of our industry operators closed (temporarily or permanently) with staff furloughed or retrenched. Reopening in a post-pandemic when wellness services will be in high demand could create its own set of challenges. While some have been able to continue to operate others have been forced to make dramatic changes in order to survive.

The launch of the Hall of Wellness Awards – powered by Spa Connectors was designed to celebrate the people that are the backbone of the industry. A meaningful celebration that recognizes and showcases the years of hard work and dedication of industry professionals. Through a vigorous and detailed staged nomination process, the Hall of Wellness Awards has sought to find out the nominees’ stories, what ignites their passion, and how they got to where they are today.

The Winners are:

Global Awards
Global Consultant of the Year – Ana Crawford, New Zealand
Global Director/Manager of the Year – Sven Huckenbeck, Germany
Global Hair Personality of the Year – Tara Rose Kidd, UAE
Global Personality/Contributor to the Industry – Andrew Jacka, Thailand
Global PMU & Microblading Specialist – Patsy Kerr, UAE
Global Rising Star – Mala Mcalpin, Australia
Global Therapist of the Year – Silvia Roncetti, Italy
Global Wellness Personality – Nigel Franklyn, USA

Regional awards

Director/Manager – Alida Brynard, South Africa
Fitness Personality – Luvuyo Mabusela, South Africa

Aesthetic/Beauty Therapist – Lizzette Porcayo, USA
Director/Manager – Holly Edgin, USA
Spa Therapist – Paul Dixon
Wellness Specialist/Practitioner – Leigh Aschoff, USA

Director/Manager (sponsored by the APSWC) – Faraaz Tanveer, Indonesia
Fitness Personality – Sri Agus Budi Santoso, Indonesia
Spa Therapist – Arun Krishnan A R Nair
Trainer – Ni Made Sulastri, Malaysia
Wellness Specialist/Practitioner – Hiro Koo Kian Yong, Malaysia
Yoga Practitioner – Timea Aya Miklos, Indonesia

Europe & UK
Aesthetic/Beauty Therapist – Gillian Baird, Scotland
Director/Manager – Erica D’Angelo, Italy
Fitness Personality – Peter Royston, Malta
Spa Therapist – Hayley Snishko, England
Trainer – César Tejedor, Spain
Wellness Specialist/Practitioner – Vicky Rawcliffe, England
Yoga Practitioner – Rachel Bonkink, Portugal

Middle East
Aesthetic/Beauty Therapist – Shereen Hafiri
Director/Manager – Emily Tucker, UAE
Fitness Personality – Fiona Fransisca, UAE
Spa Therapist – Mary Grace Lutero, UAE
Trainer – Izanne Fagan, UAE
Wellness Specialist/Practitioner – Beate Sifkovits, UAE
Yoga Practitioner – Rahul Nag, UAE

Aesthetic/Beauty Therapist – James Vivian
Director/Manager – Pummy Sherpa, Australia
Spa Therapist – Alysha Stokes, Australia
Trainer – Karalyn Smith, Australia
Wellness Specialist/Practitioner – Pia Kynoch, Australia

For more about the Hall of Wellness Awards, including Judges and selection criteria visit the Hall of Wellness Awards website.

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