Malaysian Culture – A Wellness Concoction

The massage oil used by the indigenous natives in Sabah is an important component of Malaysian culture, customized with unique physical, health, and therapeutic properties.  The approach to creating the oil is delicately catered with care to rejuvenate, refresh, and relax during the therapy. 

The recipe stems from the intention to complement one human sense to another – aligned with the indigenous values of promoting wellness through the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.  The concept explains the entire ‘performance’ of Urutan Malaysia, which incorporates other cultural elements such as the accessorizing of Malaysian therapeutic music, traditional motifs, decorations, batik, aromatic herbs, and spices. 

Malaysian Culture

Urutan Malaysia integrates all the cultures in Malaysia through its methods, products, and beliefs.  It is an accurate portrayal of the essence and soul of the Malaysian spirit. Designed by Malaysian professionals from different ethnic backgrounds, it is a unique therapy that represents Malaysia, a land of many colours and tongues, as one people in an entangled togetherness. 

The translation of the diverse Malaysian culture and the sophisticated relationship it creates between body and nature is integral to the principles of wellness.  The ongoing promotion of Urutan Malaysia as both a local and internationally-renowned signature massage of Malaysia is essential for the global recognition of the cultural significance of this healing practice. 

The oil used in Ururan Malaysia is an indigenous recipe to promote a holistic experience for one’s total health and wellbeing.  The ingredients used have specific functions that have been traditionally used by Sabahan natives. By handpicking these ingredients in the local regions of Sabah, the recipe of the massage oil embraces the natural components the Malaysian soils have to offer. The smell, being one of the most important senses, induces memory in a unique way.  Hence, with aromatics from nature’s own gifts to create this specialized concoction, we remember the long history of the indigenous culture in Malaysia.

Watch this video to learn more about the traditional recipe of the oil used in Urutan Malaysia. 

Written by APSWC Member, Alyssa Lim

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