A Passion for Wellness – Career Opportunities

Having a passion for wellness can yield significant and varied career opportunities. To determine if you have a passion for wellness, ask yourself, “What do you enjoy doing the most in your life? What do you do during your spare time? What do you struggle with? What do those around you say you are good at?”

If you can determine the answers and use them to find a job that genuinely fulfills you, then you are more likely to enjoy greater satisfaction while working. It has been suggested, after all, that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. If this is really the case, then it makes sense to choose a career path that has synergy with your passion in life.

If you believe your passion lies in wellness, what are your options?

The desire to work with people and care for them is one attribute that is necessary for some positions in the wellness industry. However, there are both service/operational positions (generally more physically challenging) or managerial positions (generally more mentally challenging) to choose from.

In fact, tap “wellness industry jobs” into Google and it will yield a bevy of employment opportunities. Some may be country or company specific, others may require a level of qualification or certification. If you thought the options were limited to the ‘standards’ of Attendant, Therapist, Manager, and Director, then read on.

The key considerations for choosing a job in the spa & wellness industry are no different than any other industry:

Location – how much travel time is required and what travel options are available? Is it within walking distance or will you need a bike or car (in which case where can you park it) or is there public transport available?

Opportunities – is the position ‘just a job’ or is it a stepping stone opportunity with a career path or an end goal position? Does it offer personal and/or professional development? For those that want the challenge, is there the chance of a promotion?

Experience & Skill Set – what level of technical knowledge / experience / certification is required? How important are verbal and written communication skills? Are you physically able to perform the tasks required? Are specialist language skills required?

Benefits – does it offer flexible or fixed working hours and a competitive salary package? What does the employment package include (e.g. accommodation, performance bonus, annual bonus etc.)?  How much will you take home at the end of the pay period before and after tax?

And, most importantly, what do you actually want to do?

Some of the more common positions in wellness include Vice President of Spa & Wellness; Group Spa & Wellness Director; Area Director; Assistant Director; Operations Manager; Spa Manager; Spa Treatment Manager; Assistant Spa Manager, Spa Supervisor; Spa Receptionist; Spa Coordinator; Spa Concierge; Spa Guest Service Agent; Spa Reservationist. Those which are more orientated around the career of fitness and wellness include Fitness or Recreation Manager; Director of Recreation; Activities Director; Recreation Supervisor; Wellness Coordinator; Fitness Attendant.

Positions that will require technical certification or skilled qualifications include Massage Therapist; Spa Therapist; Wellness Therapist; Aesthetician; Nail Technician; Hair Technician; Ayurvedic Therapist; TCM Therapist; Fitness Instructor; Personal Trainer; Yoga Instructor.

Passion for Wellness
Source: spaandwellnesscareers.com

A list of other positions available as related to wellness, that could open the doors to a career on the periphery of/or firmly embedded within the wellness industry include: Sales for Health and Wellness Expos; Tour Guide (cycling, walking tours), Swim Instructor; Mindfulness Coach; Journalist/Reporter (specialising in health and wellness); Health & Wellness Product Manager; Skin Care Brand Manager; Research & Development Officer; Health Engagement Partner (Researcher); Health & Wellness Coordinator; Wellness Consultant; Wellness Coach; Lifestyle Coach; Reiki Master; Analyst; Health Care Consultant; Lecturer (in Health & Wellness); Client Support Specialist; Health and Wellness Associate; Social Media Intern (Health & Wellness Media); Aesthetician; Manager, Occupational Health and Wellness; Health & Wellness Director: Longevity Specialist; Youth Nutrition Specialist; Golf Conditioning Specialist; Physiotherapist; Sports Medicine Aid; Strength and Conditioning Coach; Sports Psychologist; Sports Performance Management Specialist: Nuclear Medicine Technician; Pharmacist; Community Health Worker.

The positions above are not exhaustive.

So whether or not you select a position on a contract basis or an open-ended basis, back-of-house or front-of-house, service or management, skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled; full time, part-time or freelance, there is a plethora of positions for you to consider… if you have a passion for wellness.

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