Wellness During and Post-COVID-19 – Part 4

The Wellness During and Post-COVID-19 series has been penned by Lucy Brialey, Marisa Dimitriadis, Andrew Jacka, and László Puczkó the four finalists of the Global Personality/Influencing Industry category from the Hall of Wellness Awards 2020, who represent a very wide range of the industry both in terms of geographical locations and industry focus.

This is the final part of this four-part Wellness During and Post-COVID-19 series. Read Wellness During and Post-COVID-19 – Part 1, Wellness During and Post-COVID-19 – Part 2 and Wellness During and Post-COVID-19 – Part 3

# 8 – From Wellness to Transformation

Spa and wellness programming, signature treatments, and ritual development have been in the centre of spa operations and management for quite some time.

Spa managers have been tasked to find ways that can enhance the guest experience. The pandemic made us revisit, at least partially, what spa and wellness experiences really are or could be.

It seems that we need to look for experience 2.0 since by now every industry is looking at how to improve guests/consumers’ experiences. The most suitable next level is the transformative or transformational approach. We know from many surveys that consumers are looking for more meaningful experiences and services.

In the spa and wellness world the transformational benefits of treatments, services or programmes can honestly be considered as meaningful. Respecting local, natural resources, cultural traditions and heritage rituals can generate transformative experiences.

Do not think that this is only a new buzzword. The transformative approach to business operations and development have direct impacts on how services are created, delivered and how those are being perceived and appreciated. Consider to step away from spa/wellness vocabulary, however briefly.

As László Puczkó notes: „When you are going to be marketing and consequently selling and charging for restored physical and emotional harmony, and not for treatments you are on the right way for creating and selling transformative experiences.”

# 9 – Responsibility is the new Sustainability?

Wellness During and Post-Covid-19

The focus on sustainable tourism, responsible business and lowering the impact of the consequences has come into sharp focus during the pandemic with travel and employment opportunities becoming largely restricted. This brings a great opportunity for the wellness industry to reach out to their local communities, it is true to say that there are many benefits to this, some examples being:

  • A local business can come to truly understand the needs of the local community. Analysis can be done to gain a deeper knowledge of local demographics such as age, gender, health, wealth, family or personal status and this can be used to tailor the most beneficial wellbeing services. Open up opportunities for local employment, apprentices and learners.
  • It is an opportunity to build new or strengthen local business relationships by collaborating with talented and local traders and professionals for example; food and beverage, trades people, artists, health practitioners, fitness coaches, spa suppliers.
  • It is increasingly important for the consumer to understand the impact of their purchases. A clear gauge or scale showing the footprint of the service or product is very helpful for consumers when they are making purchase decisions. This could be incorporated into the treatment menu for treatments and at point of sale for products/food and beverage. Things to take into account for your rating could be single use plastic, food/product miles, provenance of the ingredients, fair trade and more
  • Encourages communities to be proud of what they have on their doorstep.

Lucy Brialey suggests that: “With time on-line rapidly increasing and for some creating a feeling of isolation; community actions, participation, and loyalty is a very welcome form of wellbeing in itself. Sustainable and responsible business decisions can create a great framework of values to work with, build a positive reputation now and for the future and be a rewarding way through difficult times for many businesses.  Be sure to highlight your efforts with your monthly reporting so that you can clearly be proud of what you have achieved for the triple bottom line of your business. As you would report financially ‘the profit’ also report on what you have done for people and the planet, this is known as triple bottom line reporting” 

To download the full report, click on the link to “Wellness During and Post-COVID-19: Management Perspectives

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