Wellness Industry Trends 2021

In November 2020, the Global Wellness Summit brought together a panel of industry media to foreshadow the wellness industry trends for 2021. Complying with CDC guidelines this GWS2020 was a hybrid event.

The panel: Sandra BallentineW magazine; Cecelia GirrBackslash; Elaine GlusacThe New York Times; Claire McCormack, Indie Beauty Media Group/Beauty Independent; Sarah MillerWall Street Journal; Jessica Smith, LS:N Global

Wellness Industry Trends 2021

1️⃣ A new convergence between healthcare and wellness
2️⃣ Strengthening the immune system
3️⃣ A great “un-tabooing”: wellness gets real about sex, money, and death
4️⃣ Nature, nature, nature
5️⃣ “Home” wellness
6️⃣ Beauty: from antimicrobial products to at-home beauty

Almost two decades ago, a group of spa and wellness industry leaders decided to create and fund a conference where experts and visionaries from all parts of the world would gather to solve shared problems. Today the Global Wellness Summit (held annually) is the foremost gathering of international leaders in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy.

The Global Wellness Summit objectives are:

  • To establish a forum for dialogue among global industry leaders
  • To create community by fostering friendly relationships among stakeholders
  • To inspire a spirit of collaboration to solve shared problems
  • To facilitate healthy growth for the industry and its individual businesses
  • To support quality research
  • To encourage innovation
  • To cultivate leaders for tomorrow

The industry is facing distinct challenges as it seeks to recover from mayhem wrought upon it by a global pandemic. For the full text of the original article, click here

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