Six-month Free Association Membership

It’s been a tough year, but the APSWC Board is doing our best to support the industry with educational videos and webinars, regular website updates, special member-only offers, and is now offering new members an additional six-month membership at no extra charge. A six-month free association membership offer may not be much, but as membership fees are our primary source of revenue to keep the association functioning, it was a big thing to get our Treasurer to agree to.

One of the primary benefits of being a member of an association is the networking opportunities that provide business, professional and personal growth opportunities. In 2020 networking in a physical environment may be difficult if not impossible for most, so new members can avail of the exclusive “ASK THE APSWC” virtual and agenda-free discussion each month. Sign up for membership before 31st December 2021 to avail of this six-month free association membership opportunity and your membership will automatically be valid for 18 months.

Joining an industry association in itself may seem a challenge, but there are is plenty of opportunities for those that seek to benefit from the many skills and varied knowledge of your fellow members.

Research has suggested that over 85% of businesses that fail (in non-global pandemic times) are not association members.  This statistic alone should be setting off alarm bells if you are not already a member of an association. However, there is more – very much more to membership than just ‘being a member’.  Don’t ask “What can the association do for me?” instead you should ask “What can I do for the association?”, as the association is run by like-minded industry professionals who commit the time and resources to the long-term betterment of the industry.

For any membership related questions, contact us, or for all other enquiries

six-month free membership

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